Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The MIL's Birthday

To celebrate the MIL's birthday, the man and I packed the parentals off to a piano recital that they enjoyed, and also sorted them out for a concert in January that we know they equally enjoy.

Took the parentals out to two celebratory meals at restaurants we know they haven't gone to and wouldn't frequent. They run on different schedules from us and don't quite share our tastebuds, so we gleefully 'force' them a little out of their comfort zone by going to new restaurants.

We've stopped getting whole cakes for birthdays because there're just too many cakes flying around and none of us can take so much sugar anymore. It gets jelak eating a few slices of the same flavor of cake for a week. Even the smallest cakes are too big. So what we do is to get different slices of cakes which can be shared and polished off in very manageable portions within shorter time. There were many variations of chocolate cakes for the FIL's birthday earlier, so this round, we bought strawberry shortcakes for the MIL.

The MIL had dealt stoically with a spate of illnesses in the earlier decades. She's all fine now. I needn't nag her about anything to do with food, exercise or medicals. She's fastidious about that. I'm glad. Whewww. Here's wishing my beautiful MIL and the FIL many good and healthy years ahead together.

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