Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Biryani at Victory

When we feel like a local version of biryani and murtabak in town, we head to Victory at Kampong Glam opposite Sultan Mosque. It still offers one of the less stinky chicken curry around to go with your food, and the loveliest fish curry. Its usual biryani local style (chicken, mutton and beef) is quite decent and not too oily. Cooked separately, the basmati rice is vegetarian, so the kitchen simply add on the meats of your choice upon ordering.

We like going there with friends, then we can order all sorts of stuff! Heh. The masala sotong is good. No complaints about the salty-happy beehoon goreng putih ikan bilis with an egg. Vegetables are unexciting. I'm not fond of vegetables soaked in gravy at all. They always end up weird and mushy. I like them gently blanched, stir-fried or raw.

On Fridays, they have specials of dum biryani in mutton or beef that comes with dhal and raita. Slightly more Muslim-Indian Singapore style than Hyderabad-spicy. It's still pretty good. The restaurant is crowded though, because many people head over for lunch before or after prayers. We always pop by once in a bit specially for that. We could never get there early, say 11.45am. But there's still plenty of food at 2.30pm or 3pm, which is the usual time we can get there on Fridays.

701 North Bridge Road Singapore 198677
T: +65 298 6955
Hours: 7am - 11pm daily


D said...

our friend brought us here once. really good! but crowded too.

imp said...

I like its location in town! Convenient for everyone lah, driving or via the train. Otherwise I'm always at Tekka Market. :)