Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Frying Up Sambal Terasi

I seem to always forget to stock up on lemongrass. Told the girlfriend I needed to get a pack of lemongrass before swinging upstairs to meet her for dinner. She was all like, "What are you cooking?" Sambal matah lor. "I want!!!" I grimaced. All my girlfriends know how to make demands. Hahahahah. 😏 But they're quite smart. They always ask for chilli, sambal-something or soup. Things that I can easily do and won't stress out over them.

I refused to give her sambal matah. Mine is raw lah. It won't keep very well. But I could fry up a batch of sambal belachan for her. That would keep so much better and she could even freeze a portion for later consumption. I always fry sambal-something in the kitchen anyway. I prefer to do my own rather than buying bottles at the shops. #ImpieCooks2016

It was a very happy thing to finish a presentation at work (which went smoothly), and whoosh home to blend chillies and shallots and fry up a batch of sambal terasi. It was a relief to clear my mind of all work thoughts, step into the kitchen and simply focus on getting the task at hand done. Waited for the freshly-made sambal terasi to cool, then scooped them into tiny bottles. Ah, that divine pungent aroma that wafted through the flat. Mmmm.

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