Friday, November 25, 2016

Fun Plates for Thanksgiving!

Thought these melamine plates from Supermama were pretty fun. They can't go into the microwave, but they can hold sandwiches, fruits, cheeses and cold cuts, and assorted food. I honestly don't know if these recipes on the plates are legit. Hahahah. They seem all right. So it's for adventurous people to also google, try out the recipes and best if they tweak it to what their tastebuds prefer.

Bought a bunch of plates to bubble-wrap and mail out to the friends who don't live in Singapore. The shop gave me flat square boxes which are ideal to hold five as a set. The plates are light, don't break easily, and don't weigh too much even as a set of five. Each parcel ready to be mailed weighed slightly less than 1kg. Perfect. Lighter than a big pack of instant coffee. Each parcel got to its intended recipient before this last week of November. Happy to get those photos captioned 'safely received'. Yay.

Happy Thanksgiving, people. 🦃🌲🍁⛄️🌮🍻💞 To a bountiful table, civil conversations and we could perhaps agree on what makes a good pumpkin pie. 

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