Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Star-Spangled Banner

Screenshot taken at 3.45am on Wednesday 9 November 2016, Singapore. 

We can't deny that the results of the US Presidential Elections don't affect us. The President-Elect, the House and the Senate. Both Presidential nominees aren't ideal. It's between the devil and the deep blue sea. The ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that our government so badly wants is likely going into limbo. Also, Singapore, said President-Elect might rescind a lot of privileges from a nice fat US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement 2004 (USSFTA). He did accuse us of stealing American jobs.

Generally, it's 'business as usual' when the stock markets right themselves. But the words and actions will trickle down; we can't underestimate the upheaval and ripple effects to the rest of the world. And future wars. While I can see the proposed policies and changes beyond the brash human and understand their appeal towards a disillusioned portion of American society (which I can't even begin to understand), I can't turn a blind eye to an American President-Elect who seems to stand for everything I stand against, and this gradual and strong rise of the far right. He will hold executive orders that he can push through without being caught in a congressional gridlock. Remember them? I don't think he'll forget all of them. So half of the United States of America is potentially chock-full of blatant bigotry and misogyny from now on. 😢😱😵

Certainly, as a non-American, my position and outlook is going to be different from a voter's and even then, voter opinions differ in different states, cities and towns, all dependent on how the various policies have affected their lives. And the frightful Electoral College. My dread seeped in pretty early, like as early as a week ago, but it turned into stone by 2pm Singapore time yesterday. This is going to be an awkward Thanksgiving. But at least New York and the West Coast stood their ground. Thank gawwd for Reps. Tammy Duckworth, Catherine Cortez Masto, Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris, and always Patty Murray.

God Bless America.