Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cascina Spinasse

The friends know our tastebuds and weren't kidding when they insisted that we have to eat at Cascina Spinasse for the ultimate sort of comfort food. They literally texted us all sorts of information and almost made a reservation for us. :P So we dutifully went.

The restaurant's been around since 2008 and expanded its dining space. Its interiors are warm and inviting and tables don't feel too closeted. Its chefs have come and gone, and apparently food standards have remained sterling, opening only for dinner service, and reservations are a must. You know me and pasta. I love the pasta at Cascina Spinasse so much till I've stopped by for dinner thrice. :P

The amuse-bouche is usually crostini. We've eaten it topped with anchovies as well as liver. All depends on the kitchen's preferences for the evening. Plenty of meats for carnivores. There was a braised beef cheek with celery root pureé which was tender and flavorful, as expected. I refused to eat any of the rabbit meatballs. The friends tried to convince me to have a bite. "It tastes like chicken!" They said. NO. We didn't manage to get to try the pan-roasted trout. It'd be a whole trout and I haven't been feeling like picking out bones in this dim lighting.

The mains are really good. Beef cheeks, pork tenderloin, in-season trout, and rabbit meatballs. But my stomach space is really reserved for pasta, which thankfully come in appetizer sizes, so that I could have TWO SERVINGS of different pasta. Hahahaha.

Pasta is made fresh when orders fill. Couldn't take my eyes off the pasta station. The chef de partie is amazingly fast, nimble and quick when making those sheets and strips of hand-cut egg pasta. Mmmm. The Tajarin al Ragu o Burro e Salvia— with ragù or done vegetarian with butter and sage, was to-die-for. Pick either one. It's fabulous. The vegetarian Mezzaluna di pastinaca was full of flavors with parsnip, roasted hedgehog mushrooms, rosemary, parmigiano and fried parsnips. The mixed meats of beef, pork and and beef in the heartier Agnolotti dal plin were delightful.

Salt levels and herbs were beautifully balanced till the pasta felt really delicate. Carbs are awesome and Spinasse's pasta makes me shiver with happiness.

Pasta of tajarin with butter and sage.


jo said...

The pasta sounds heavenly! And the imp eats TWO servings of it? OK, that says A LOT. Must be damn good.

imp said...

They offer pasta in starter sizes or as mains. Of course i choose starter portions! Hehehehe.