Sunday, December 18, 2016

Goldfinch Tavern

On a cold blustery night, we finally made it to dinner at Ethan Stowell's Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle. It's been much raved about, but I was hesitant. Anyway. It is exactly what I thought it would be. Helmed by Chef Joe Ritchie, it's comfortable, food is done well, but nothing to scream about. It didn't excite my palate. They don't serve bread at dinner. Bread is chargeable if you want it.

The man wanted Penn Cove mussels done in white wine and dill. Fairly decent. They came with fries tossed in dill, bread and an aioli. I ate two mussels and skipped the rest. Not keen to have allergies flare. As it is, I'm eating way too much than I normally do and I could feel indigestion looming.

The man had his first proper steak in months in the form of a Painted Hills NY Strip. He was happy with it. I wished the roasted chestnuts with winter spices and rosemary weren't that roasted. They were a bit hard and very dry. :( The king crab paccheri was surprisingly light. Those chilli flakes were unexpected, and pleasant. Nice!

We even made it to dessert! The man couldn't resist the peanut butter bar with dark chocolate mousse and candied peanuts and caramel. He loves everything peanut-butter. I scanned the menu and settled for the smallest item. Took a scoop of blackberry sorbet. Awesome to have real blackberries blended into it. Full of little blackberry seeds that I love. But goodness, as a sorbet, it was really sweet. Accck.

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