Friday, December 09, 2016


On some mornings when we're in downtown Seattle and feel like breakfast in-room and have no wish for that American/Continental breakfast spread thingy, the nearby Piroshky Piroshky Bakery is good for takeouts. Piroshky or pirozhki is simply 'small pie' in Russian. I understand that this is deep-fried in Russia. But in this Seattle version, the bakery offers it like stuffed soft buns. Smart move. Makes it so appealing to everybody at any time.

Brilliantly located at Pike Place Market with plenty of offices, shops and malls in the area, it's where all tourists and many locals go, it's got a ridiculously long queue all the time. Over two years, its prices have steadily increased from USD3++ a piece to the now USD5++.

I'm not keen on its sweet items. They're ridiculously sweet. But its savory stuff are all right. We've tried a number of its flavors, including the beef and all. It's okay, but not terribly impressive. Good for a quick meal on-the-go. I like the smoked salmon pâté (USD5.70; previously USD4.80) best. There's a bit of dill and onion, and cream cheese. Super delicious as breakfast, or lunch.

The man doesn't mind the vegetable piroshky of sauerkraut, cabbage and carrots (USD4.50; previously USD3.90). But that's damn weird lah. You need to like sour vinegared vegetables that aren't as tasty as coleslaw. I think the other version with just plain cabbage and onions is nicer.

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