Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pizza & Tacos

Glad that the Ballard Farmers' Market is open in winter. It's one of my favorite markets that isn't inconvenient to get to. There're always exciting things to see. Headed there mainly for a light lunch at the stalls and food trucks. We were pretty focused. Tacos and pizza! 🌮🍕✌🏻

We sidetracked at Stokesberry Sustainable Farm's stall. We couldn't buy any of them meats or frozen broth. But they offered cups of piping hot chicken bone broth. It was the perfect starter this chilly morning. USD5 for a tiny cup! Hmmm. Bought one anyway. Sprinkled it with raw garlic slices, pepper and salt. Then the cup was filled from the pot. My my. It was incredibly delicious. I'll say it again, not all chickens and chicken soup/bone broth are created equal.

Stopped at Taqueria Los Chilangos for tacos. Meats for the man in the form of tacos with citrus marinated pulled pork and grilled beef steak. We have such crap Mexican food in Singapore. Some are halfway decent but so pricey till it's really not worth it. Everything on this menu looked great. Unfortunately my stomach is only this big, and I already had yoghurt in the morning.

Veraci Pizza had a food truck set up, replete with a legit oven. They had run out of the seasonal special 'Autumnal'. Accck. It sounded fantastic with roasted peppers, marinated yellow squash, and chive-infused ricotta. Not keen on 'Big Daddy' which would be delicious on a savory red sauce with three cheese blend and chockful of pepperoni, sausages. I wanted a vegetarian pizza. So a slice of fresh mushroom pizza it was. It was good! Mmmm. There, lunch all satisfactorily sorted before we rushed downtown to catch an afternoon play.

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