Sunday, January 08, 2017


It's always a great idea to have noodles at lunch. Went to Klaeng district's very local 60-year-old นายเคี้ยมเกี๊ยวปลา (it sort of translates into 'Mr Kiew's Fish Soup') for 'mixed soup' of sliced fish (เกี๊ยวปลาต้มยำ, เกี๊ยวปลารวมมิตร), fish wonton, and also pork and shrimp. They have crab beehoon soup (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวปู) too. There's a competitor plonked directly across the street. All the better I suppose. Hopefully it keeps up the quality at both restaurants.

Non air-conditioned restaurant. 👍🏼 It was already 2.30pm, but it was bustling and the tables were still packed. The menu is displayed on one side of the wall. Take your pick from there. If you don't read or speak Thai, the wall menu's accompanying photos are very helpful. Point to whichever one that catches your fancy. The photos accurately reflect what would eventually appear on your table.

Hahaha, we had spoken of having a 'light lunch'. Riiiiiiiiight. There's no way this is a light lunch lor. I only ordered one bowl of egg noodles and a bowl of mixed soup- with wonton, fishballs and fish slices. In the end, about ten bowls and plates appeared at our table. All types of fish wonton, green and pork dumplings and noodles in all forms! Pork bone broth, sliced fish noodles, mixed soup, and all sorts of noodles. 

My portions were fairly big, but I ate them all up. The fish wonton was delicious. Some of the bigger wontons held minced pork, and while they weren't stinky, I didn't fancy them as much. There was even a small tray of pork satay (similar pronunciation in Thai, สะเต๊ะ) which came with peanut sauce,  and yummy pickles/achar for a bit of crunch.

Made it to dessert. Hahahaha. All were whining "So full! So full!" but immediately said yes to dessert when the server came to ask about it. The special of the day was durian ice-cream. Oddly nobody wanted it. We took coconut ice-cream instead. I quite like coconut ice-cream if it isn't too sweet or full of milk and cream. Preferably sorbet. That works great for me.

I opted for the traditional style (โบราณ ไอศครีมกะทิสด) which is made fresh with no additional milk.  Wary of a sneak sugar attack, I took a small spoonful and was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to have a texture similar to a sorbet, but surprisingly low on the sugar. Perfect. It came topped with green bits and peanuts. It was pretty refreshing.

“เกี๊ยวปลานายเคี้ยม” (เกี๊ยวปลาสามย่าน)  
16 เทศบาลตำบลเมืองแกลง ถนนเทศบาล 2 ตลาดสามย่าน อำเภอแกลง จังหวัดระยอง เป 
โทร. 0-3867-1653, 0-3867-1411, 0-3867-1792 

Mr Fish
16 Municipal Road, Klaeng, 2 Sam Yan Market, Rayong, Thailand
Tel: 0-3867-1653, 0-3867-1411, 0-3867-1792
Hours: Daily 8.30am to 3.30pm

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