Tuesday, January 31, 2017

年夜饭 :: 猴随腊去欣除旧,鸡唤春来喜布新

Said horrifying dress.

I don't understand this thing about colors or auspicious-ness. I honestly don't care about it. Once a year, I really don't mind wearing colors for the Lunar New Year. However, I'm quite resistant to the idea of wearing a cheongsam, because, damn bright colors. Not much urge to procure new ones. It's highly likely that cheongsams would only be worn once a year, unless I finally get around to having them tailored in sombre colors and subtle patterns. Otherwise, it just feels like I'm wearing an expensive costume.

After lunch one afternoon on the way back to the office, the BFF and I stopped at a convenient boutique. Gamely tried on a fusion cheongsam. It didn't look very well-cut, to be honest. Almost died when I looked into the mirror. The frumpy-ness. The cap sleeves ended at the exact unflattering portion of the upper arms. Even if I have super well-defined muscles, this dress flattens everything into a lump. Bits and pieces of fabric stuck out everywhere and I especially hated the belt.

Picked out another dress for reunion dinner. Bright red, yeah, like a walking ang pow. 😒🙄 This dress from KLARRA cuts a clean silhouette without any bright bling accessories, no flowers and nonsense, and the heavy fabric falls well enough. It has pockets!!! Although it's a little shocking to know that I wear their dresses in XS. This red dress doesn't have the best stitching especially at the ends of the batwing sleeves and hem, but at least it fits all right and I don't feel like a clown in it. Importantly, I didn't have to get out to shop for it. It was sent over as a gift.

The dress from KLARRA in a much more acceptable design.


Pretziliv said...

The red dress is lovely, just the right tone too. The cheongsum erhm, not so...


imp said...

Yah man.

D said...


Oh yes, the 2nd red dress certainly looks much better!

I always wonder, why do young Sgreans like to wear cheongsam during cny? Other chinese fr CN, HK, TW don't seem to do that. ;P

imp said...

心想事成、万事如意 to you, D!

I have no idea. Hmmm... I only know my friends in these countries/cities do wear cheongsams during festive occasions and such, at least from what I see from the photos! Maybe there're new designers and updated designs in SG which makes the traditional cheongsam seem less stuffy and feels fresh, so people aren't too resistant to wearing them. But i think my friends and I don't belong to the 'young' group anymore. Ehehehehehehehehehe.