Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Watermelon Cake!

[📷: D]

After all the water activities, I finally decided to stroll out to Lazarus Island. When I came back, Y and A surprised me with a 'cake' of watermelon drizzled with yoghurt and yuzu-honey, and topped with gorgeous berries. Everybody sang that birthday song again. 😐 I was a little overwhelmed. Was this close to crying.

They didn't bring a ready 'cake'. They brought a box of berries and tubs of Greek yoghurt and all necessary ingredients, including knives and spatulas, and that heavy whole seedless watermelon. They chopped it up, did everything from scratch right there in the tiny kitchenette and assembled the cake beautifully! Wow.

I was wondering why on earth Y and A brought so many cooler bags onto the catamaran when beer and food were all sorted out. I assumed they held snacks for the children. I didn't think anything was up when I saw them bring out the watermelon before I left for that stroll. I only realized that people were up to no good when they instructed the little girls to take me up to the saloon and not to allow me to come down until further instructed.

Y and A! You both are truly the creative power couple lah! It was the perfect cake for the hot hot hot afternoon. Somehow people don't eat that much during trips out to sea and a cake like this was a great snack for everyone after being out in the sizzling sunshine. It checked off every one of my preferences for cakes (besides a low-sugar dark chocolate-Guinness cake) especially when yoghurt was used, and not cream. The sugar came from the natural sweetness of the fruits, and from that beautiful subtle yuzu-honey which lent depth.

See the cake topper? Missy made it for me. 😍 She knows I love Lego, ice-skating, writing postcards and mailing them out. The minifig is on skates. Wheeeee. There's a penguin. One day I'll go see them cute penguins in Patagonia and Antarctica. There's even a miniature postbox that can be opened. The tower simply signifies that I travel lots. Ohhh. I'm not going to think of it as Singapore Changi Airport's iconic control tower; am gonna imagine it as Seattle's Space Needle. Oof.


coboypb said...

A beautiful cake made with love :)

imp said...

It was!