Saturday, February 04, 2017

Cleared Work To Welcome Many More Pieces of Work

Needed some quiet and hid out at the BFF's home to clear work. Fast, stable and secure WIFI, and plenty of coffee FTW. The BFF is not the quietest person. Okay, neither am I. 😆 But we can sit in silence and crunch work for hours without interfering or annoying each another. Till she gleefully turned on Netflix in the late afternoons, and I hadn't finished my work. Boo.

I was fed century egg and minced pork porridge for lunch, and Deliveroo sorted out the rest of the meals. It's perfect. The hours flew by, and many pieces of work were cleared; some submitted and some sitting as final drafts to be reviewed before submission. Great. It leaves me free to concentrate on those projects that require me to be physically in the office for four to six hours a day for the next few weeks.

Rolled eyes at the BFF's Hello Kitty Lego sets. Well, I gave them to her, but she was so damn lazy to construct it, and had the cheek to tell me that she asked her friend to do so over the long weekend. She was all like, "I want to see the finished sets, not build it!" That's so not the point of Lego! Aiyoh. Scowled at the no-mouth Kitties.


coboypb said...

Cute cups. My first time seeing Hello Kitty Lego sets.

imp said...

I spend too much time loitering at ToysRUs. They have Lego sets in female dragonriders and elves too!

b.muse said...

LOL at bff's logic of seeing the assembled pieces! Hahaha. That aside, what an awesome productive time! :D

imp said...

b.muse: I rolled eyes like crazy at that logic.