Tuesday, February 07, 2017

More Happy Meals

Thrilled that three very very very dear girlfriends suddenly decided to fly into town for a few days. Wheeeeeeee. They couldn't make next weekend, and thought this weekend would do too, if I could match this set of dates. Oh yes, definitely. It's very nice indeed. 😍

Plays and indie gigs have filled our days and nights. The friends indicated that they prefer light meals. Hahaha. They haven't forgotten how crazy meal-times get in Singapore. I took that to mean that we should do heavier lunches and light dinners. They miss having sushi and sashimi. Plenty of that in town. We're getting seriously good meals at various favorite Japanese restaurants serving up our usual doses of happiness.

However I wanted to have an even quieter time with them that isn't about ordering from the room service menu and chilling out in their rooms or hanging out at the bar for whisky. Squeezed out an evening to do a simple meal at home for them. I know they would simply eat whatever I serve up as long as it's more or less edible, but they demanded for Cantonese soup. Kekekekeke. Okay, can. For our mains, I made a friendly beehoon goreng putih ikan bilis with sambal quail eggs. It oddly complemented the huge pot of Asian-style chicken soup. The cabbage stems went in earlier to help sweeten the soup. Nobody likes mushy cabbage leaves in soup. Saved the leafy parts till the last ten minutes so that they would still be crunchy when served. #impieCooks2017

The girls' awesome company and precious IRL hugs and conversation are already priceless gifts. But they still brought thoughtful gifts of spices and herbs, socks and tubes of eczema creams and moisturizers. Yay! We've known one another for almost three decades now, and God willing, more to come. We're grateful that we've grown up to become women who actually like one another and would want to hang out together too. It takes effort, trust and much integrity to have one another's back. My tribe. Thank you for doing this whirlwind trip! 💕

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