Saturday, February 11, 2017

One Last Lo-Hei For the Huat

The Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster has well and truly begun. Hardly anyone bothers to celebrate the 15 days of it. Dunno why we're still lo-hei-ing. Some people are trying to achieve 15 lo-heis this year. Ha. I don't mind eating yusheng, especially homemade versions. Hehehehe.

We were super disciplined- no alcohol was ordered at the table. Not even beer. Everyone was driving, and all of us were scheduled for an early start the next day. Well done! We obediently stuck to actual food. Something easy and not overly pretentious- vegetables, chicken, Peking duck, noodles and all. Nobody bothered ordering extra rice or extra dishes. Skipped the seafood we had more than enough to eat in the past few weeks.

I would have been very happy to let the evening pass quietly. The whole point of getting together was for the lo-hei and the company. It wasn't actually my party. It was the standard annual Lunar New Year gathering, and my birthday happened to fall within this period. Gaaah. I had wanted to excuse myself, but they said everyone and all must come. These people wouldn't let me turn older without a beep. Goodness. Birthday wishes and cards are always welcomed, but they still came with small gifts (the kind that they know I won't scold them for; OMG I sound like an old Aunty), and even insisted on a small strawberry shortcake with a candle and one sparkler-thingy! First cake this birthday. Haizzzzzz. They were like, "We must do all the huat for the huat!" ðŸ¤£ðŸŽ‚💙☄️🔥

Okaaaaay then, you terribly naughty people. It was bad bad bad. They took photos and they even took videos, and now permanently own blackmail material that I can't delete unless I hack into their clouds, which is illegal. 😒

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