Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bench Press, Kettle Bells & Stuff

The hotel renovated its gym and in a tie-up with fitness instructors, offers a number of HIIT and circuit training programs. Was a wee bit curious, and since I'm not fully familiar with gym equipment, wouldn't mind checking out the classes since only six people make up one class.

However when I saw the first WOD (Workout of the Day), I chickened out. Didn't even know what 'sumo deadlifts' or 'double-unders' are, and had to google about 'MetCon' (which means 'metabolic conditioning'). Loads of CrossFit terms that I don't understand, and don't care to know. I love the feeling of working out, but I'm not sure I enjoy these specific exercises.

When I finally got a little bored and bravely signed up for a class, it was weights day. And only two people in this class. Me and another woman. UGH. I literally wilted inside when I realized the other lady is a marathon runner and training for races. I'm so going to hold her up if this class is circuit style. To my great relief, we had our own weight bench and floor space, so I didn't have to get in her way or delay her whatsoever. The instructor is a legit competitive athlete, in weightlifting. She's pure muscle and power. I like her style. Importantly, her voice isn't grating. Whewww. Did my first-ever set of bench press and swung those kettlebells around. Subsequent sessions were tough with box jumps, burpees, agility exercises, you get the drift.

PS: Weights training doesn't bulk you up. You know it's a myth. It takes a hell lot of discipline on diet, sleep patterns and daily training to get to a female bodybuilder's physique. If you want that perky butt, work those glutes on the leg press and squats. You'll get it. If exercising and lifting light weights firm up the muscles you already have, and you still don't like your body, well, blame genetics. At least you're probably fitter than before you started. 

For personal training which I'm most willing to pay good money for, I'm never deviating from my pilates instructor. For one, she's fabulous at what she does, she knows exactly what works for me and what doesn't, and I love her. If I have to see someone this regularly, she needs to totally get me. I also prefer her to be trained in both pilates and the traditional model of anatomy and kinesiology. Yes, I generally opt to have female instructors bark commands at me. 🙃


nua-ster said...

haha.. yes! bust that myth pls..
females also need extra testosterone to get that bodybuilder physique.. ;)

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