Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Comfort Eats in the Hotel Room

I'm not lacking in good food in Seattle. But when I'm hanging out in a city for a bit, I'd like to stock the room fridge with the standard rations of bread, eggs, milk, butter, yoghurt, granola, fruits, cherry tomatoes and dark bitter chocolate. My stomach likes its comfort food, regardless of the seasons.

Instant noodles are my guilty pleasure. NEVER COOK INSTANT NOODLES IN THE ELECTRIC KETTLE. That's friggin unhygienic! Use cup noodles lah. My preferred ones are the Nissin Donbei mini cups (kitsune udon, kamodashi soba, tensoba) that are lower in salt content. Add an egg and you're all set for a half decent meal.

You can buy these noodles at Uwajimaya in downtown Seattle, Bellevue and Renton. But I bring them over from Singapore. Uwajimaya isn't convenient to get to when I have a schedule to keep to. Also, I'm not paying USD4 for a cup when I can pay SGD4. Yes, I also bring my own chopsticks and spoons and all.

In the mornings when I need a quick bite before burning calories, or as a light dinner, I do eggs. Hardboiled eggs are glorious and they're easily done in the hotel room. Housekeeping will always provide an electric kettle. When the water is boiled, rinse and sink 'em eggs in to sit for 15 minutes. Works like a charm. Don't use eggs straight out from the fridge. Let them sit and warm up before you drop them into the hot water. The man has breakfast provided for at work but he still wanted egg sandwiches in the morning! Fine. He gets an egg sandwich too.

Eh, don't call me Aunty ah. Don't tell me you don't do this too, at some point on a trip?


nua-ster said...

the eggs!!!! *heart-y eyes*

imp said...

Are you off to find eggs to eat now? Hehehehe.

jo said...

From far it looks like you had a slab of pudding in the ramen (top right picture in the collage) then I realised that's an egg on closer look :p Those eggs on toast look so good!

(no lah, not aunty at all - who dares call you 'aunty'?!) :x

imp said...

jo: Hehehehehe. easy uncomplicated food.

nua-ster said...

hahaha.. I eat eggs every day! *hiakhiak*
thank goodness I had my "daily dose" before I saw ur post.. otherwise... no guarantee that no eggs would be harm in the middle of the night..

anyhow.. if you go past 7-11 in sg, they have this Hanjuku eggs.. in the event of an "egg emergency".. this could be a quick fix!

[https://www.facebook.com/7Eleven.Singapore/photos/a.381551177961.160828.14121632961/10152192008042962/?type=1&theater] ;p

nua-ster said...

*no eggs would not be harmed (typo)

imp said...

nua-ster: now that you put it that way, with PHOTOS, I'm not going there just for emergencies. I shall make my way there for sure. Ha!