Friday, May 12, 2017

Jogging At Lincoln Park

If it isn't pouring, I kinda need to get out to the parks daily for a walk or a run too. I'll just have to take a look at the weather forecast and decide which dri-fit sweater to wear. I love being by the water. I don't particularly want to hang out amidst the concrete jungle in downtown Seattle or Bellevue. Lincoln Park in West Seattle offers a super decent flat running path along this side of the lake. In this weather with lower humidity, running four miles is a breeze.

Nobody in the right mind would go swimming in the waters just yet. The newspapers keep reminding residents that the waters in Washington state don't warm up and would give even the strongest swimmers a 'cold-water shock' and bring about drowning in a matter of minutes. Well, I've never actually had any urge to go swimming in lakes anywhere. I do all my swimming in a sanitized pool where there're no strange creatures biting off my limbs, minimal parasites and no freak undercurrents.

A few friends live in West Seattle and their homes lead right out to the park. So it's super convenient to meet them for a morning jog or lunch. Then we head back to their homes for coffee! Some have children; with little ones (children and dogs) in tow, the park makes for many lovely dates. An evening stroll is beautiful because it's all warmed up from the day's sun and sunset isn't till 8.45pm.

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