Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pilaf, Spices and Friends

I was so looking forward to this meal, because, spices were promised. Woooooot! I thought we were just gonna get food delivered but the friends texted the night before, saying that they would cook. As usual, with a full work schedule for them, we were super appreciative of their warmth and making time for us.

"Something simple", the friends had said. When we got to their lovely home, we were a little stunned by the menu. Vegetarian pilaf, dhaal and chicken rogan josh appeared on the table. Every dish was made from scratch. That's not easy! Luckily we brought something for dessert, which were just decent store-bought chocolates, and two bottles of wine for their keeping.

It was the perfect weather to eat outdoors on the patio overlooking the Cascades. The friends wanted us to come at 5.30pm so that we would have longer hours of daylight to enjoy the views. We love eating earlier here because we wake early anyway, and on days that we're not at gigs, our bedtime is 10pm! Hehehehe.

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