Tuesday, May 23, 2017

U-District Farmers' Market

Hama Hama Oysters and their oyster sliders.

It was a beautiful morning to stock up on supplies at the U-District farmers' market and grab a few bites at the stalls. There's always a stall selling hot soups. I like to start with a cup of whatever-soup and stroll around the market. Warms my cold fingers. For whatever else we needed, there was a Safeway on the next street. And good coffee at Slate on 45th.

Had to stop by Hama Hama Oysters. The man couldn't resist eating those oyster sliders. LOL. I'm not a fan of oysters cooked or raw, but since the man ordered three sliders, I took two bites. Battered, grilled and packed between those toasted buns, they were delicious.

Bought loaves of bread and requested for them to be sliced. Wasn't going to do that ourselves and leave crumbs all over the hotel room. There aren't any early Rainier cherries this year. 😞 It's been too wet and too cold. This bottle of blueberry-basil preserves we got at the market is not overly sweet, and I didn't mind having some of that with bread. Bought Greek-style cheeses from Samish Bay. Those spicy queso jalapeño and queso diablo (with added habanero and jalapeño peppers) were so unforgettable. Had to put them in the shopping bag.

Purple-everything is in season. Every market has them purple broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes and all that. What a pity we couldn't really buy many vegetables, except those that could be blanched. That's the downside to not staying in an apartment with a kitchenette. But we have a fridge big enough to store a few items, and those that we want to transport home in a cooler bag. 😄

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