Friday, June 16, 2017

Sitting Outdoors in the Shade

Had enough of offices and cafes. Felt a bit stifled. But I had a few deadlines to clear. Or rather the pieces of work had been drafted, but not quite ready to be sent off; I needed to review them before submissions and presentations.

Wanted to work outdoors, and have some good coffee. And not have to wear corporate dresses or pants. Just wanted to sit around in dri-fit gear. Escaped to girlfriend's place for some space, fresh air and secure wifi. It was a hot day. Ate a satisfying one-dish lunch at the corner coffeeshop, then we headed back to her house to furiously type away on our respective Macbooks. Thick black coffee, chilled strawberries and refreshing apples, and a constantly filled glass of iced water. It was perfect! Honestly, when I'm in the right clothes, appropriately hydrated and in the shade, I don't need air-conditioning. At the rate of people are falling sick, sniffling and coughing, I'd rather get in some non-shared air away from a confined block.

In between emails and edits, I stared at the giant tree in the back garden. It was in bloom. Pink flowers. I know there're two big trees there, but I've never really noticed it till today, because of the pink flowers. The trees are either a pink mempat or a trumpet. I couldn't tell. *shrug* The girlfriend doesn't know either. Heh.

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