Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Brownie Boost

It was one of those afternoons whereby lunch, coffee and a space to work in was needed. Hopped in to the dependable PUNCH at 1.30pm. It was still mad crowded, and only counter seats were available. Fine by me. A table would open up later on and I could always move over then.

It's mid-July. Where did time go? We're in the next half of 2017. These two months are shaping up to be all about translation projects. Fun, but it kills a lot of brain cells when I need to code switch between languages. Thinking, writing and speaking in four languages for work purposes are all rather demanding.

So after a giant plate of pasta and two coffees, I was full. At some point, after the lunch crowd melted away, a plate of cookies were placed on the counter, in my direct line of sight. The staff told me that they only bake about six of these a day. Okaaaaay. After staring at it for an hour and liking that dark brown color, I uncharacteristically ordered one. Chocolate brownie cookies with salted caramel and espresso buttercream squished in between.

It was a good one! Rather delicious, and slightly more savory than sweet. Of course there was still a fair volume of sugar in it, but the chocolate came across rich and dark, and the buttercream wasn't as sugary as expected. It was a big palm-sized cookie. I managed half before pushing the plate away. That sufficed to boost the brain cells into overdrive. Finally completed the files that were supposed to be finished yesterday. :P (Luckily these files are to be submitted to the clients next week.)

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