Saturday, July 22, 2017

At 'The Other Crystal Jade'

The girlfriends and I were bitching about some other matter amidst suggestions of dinner venues. Stared at the texts coming in for a decision on where to eat, and started chuckling. Did she really type that?! The mildest-tempered girlfriend admitted to a 'quarrel' with the staff at a certain Crystal Jade outlet?! What is this?!

She refused to elaborate on what happened over the phone. We coaxed it out of her later on at dinner. No it's got nothing to do with the restaurant charging S$0.70 for a glass of water. It's one of those incidents whereby the restaurant's ideal policies don't square with their on-the-ground implementation. And it doesn't help when miscommunication happens when the staff refuse to budge from black and white rules because they don't know how, or they haven't been given clear enough directions.

Anyway we went to the "other crystal jade". It was a crowded evening, but we had a corner table, so it was rather comfortable. Somehow I also prefer the food at this Crystal Jade. They've always been pretty nice to us. Kept our orders conservative again. Hurhurhur. None of us were in the mood for much carbs. So the three of us shared a bowl of congee. The spinach in superior stock was deliciously dependable. There was more than enough food to fill our tummies, and plenty of good conversation and laughter to nourish the soul.

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