Saturday, July 08, 2017

Dinner & Limpeh Says

The awesome hosts whipped up gluten-free spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti alio e olio with mushrooms and such delicious french onion soup! Plenty of meats were supplied in the form of home-grilled flank steak and roast pork, balanced by oven-baked peppers and onions. There were desserts of store-bought chocolate cake and homebaked kueh of gula melaka and pandan.

The friends backed the Kickstarter campaign of 'Limpeh Says' and brought out the cards for a game. It definitely isn't as offensive as erm 'Cards Against Humanity'. Although people who are easily offended shouldn't bother playing either version. It was quite a hilarious game full of Singaporean references. But we had to figure out a few of the phrases of which are local slang, but we didn't understand them.

At many points, each of us had to go 'don't judge me' when we placed an exceedingly rude answer in response to the question. Hahahah. I shan't bother to repeat the answers here. Have a laugh if you're going through the game. None of us are even keen on any movie by Jack Neo; we don't appreciate his type of humor. We made sure to slot the card with his name or the card printed 'Another Jack Neo movie' to all nonsense questions. Some answers just automatically win, regardless of what the question is, like 'Batman bin Suparman'.

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