Thursday, July 06, 2017

Moooooo, Went the Little Cow

Hopped into Wheeler's Yard to say hello to the friends and have a drink with them. This late in the afternoon, it wasn't crowded and made for a very pleasant venue to chat and catch up with everyone.

I even managed to steal tater tots from the kids' platter. Hahahaha. I've had the craving for tater tots for the longest time, but didn't actually act on it. Today I managed to sweep three off the plate without anyone protesting.

Little Em was there, being cheeky and quite smile-y. I usually have a little animal in my bag. Today, it was a little cow named T-Bone (not my idea). I knew that if I took T-Bone out for Em, I'll probably not see it back again until a long while later. Especially if she remembers it and insists on bringing him all the way home. Hurhurhurhur.

"Mooooooo! Moooooooooo!" Em went, and made all of us moo along with her. As interested as she was in the food, snacks and all that was going on, she didn't want to let go of the cow even when I was about to leave. Couldn't possibly fight a two-year-old for it! Left it to the BFF to retrieve T-Bone for me. Hahaha. She accomplished the task later on in the night. Now I just need to collect the little cow before Em spies him again and demands to take him on the plane home.

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