Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Pink Dot SG 2017

Yarn art made barricades look friendly like never before.

So the barricades went up at Pink Dot Singapore 2017. Good to have security checks. Any mass public gatherings, concerts and events should have that. We were herded into 20-minute queues to the security checkpoints. There were seven altogether and all had loooong queues. ID checks, bag checks, metal scanners and even a human patting us down.

I was in the same pink dress as I've worn to all Pink Dots. Hahahahaha. At least it hasn't faded or split at the seams. Never found something else quite suitable for this mad heat and photos I'd randomly appear in all afternoon. Wear a hat. Our sunshine is fierce and will burn you to a crisp if you forgo the sunscreen, hat or brolly. I wore a wide-brimmed hat which was most effective to shade even my shoulders.

It was so crowded. Many who came at 6.45pm couldn't get into the park because it had hit maximum capacity at 20,000. Many hung around outside the barricades. To be honest, in view of compulsory new security measures and overwhelming responses in terms of attendance and participation from Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, the organizers are fantastic, again, to sort out all these massive logistics this ninth year of the event.

The only thing- I wished the light-up had been prompt at 7.30pm instead of being delayed till 8pm, and having to hear all the speeches. At that point, most of us were sticky, sweaty and just wanted to hit the lights and go off to get a cold shower. Duhhhh. It was still a beautiful light show though. 🏳️‍🌈

This is my Singapore, and I will have a say in it. The friends and I want an inclusive society that does not ostracize people of different beliefs and lifestyles, and treat them as sub-par humans. No foreign influence can direct my/our opinions and thoughts. I thank my elite Singaporean education and privileged life for opening my eyes to inequality, insensitivity and illogical perspectives.

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