Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Singapore Is 52

Hey Singapore, you turn 52 years old, and I'm perplexed and occasionally, mystified. Not so much from what's happening in the world, but from our internal politics and such. It has been an eventful year so far where we can't stop blinking at the local news headlines.

Consider us warned that private social media postings aren't exactly private when they question the integrity of the system. Looking at the many Ministers' carefully crafted speeches and words to these various brow-raising headlines and developments this year, I feel like I'm being told off to accept whatever that's been handed out and I'm not allowed to criticize or question. Also, I'm not the sort of obedient ideal citizen the government keeps insinuating they prefer in all the lalala brochures and speeches. But what do I know?

Our country is so small, but we shouldn't have to fear being viewed as a province or an outpost to a bigger country. I definitely appreciate us holding our ground. While I facepalm at some horrible thoughts, unkind words and deplorable behavior of fellow Singaporeans, there are many others whom I admire for many different reasons. If we can have healthy discussions among ourselves, and be civil about calling people out on whatever, then why not. We all need this discourse in order to grow up.

Dear Singapore, like any other country, you have a lot to improve on. Beneath the shiny successes, we need a lot more conversations about race, diversity and inclusion that aren't dictated or blinded by majority race privileges. If you want first world status, you gotta deal with first world problems, and justify your actions and decisions to whiny xennials and millennials.

Happy 52nd. Majulah Singapura. 🇸🇬