Tuesday, August 01, 2017

We Love Steamed Fish

School isn't where I found my closest girlfriends. The circle of Faeriefolk is formed through life's shared exciting experiences, oddly of which, none are vaguely academic. While good food is invariably involved as a matter of timing, practicality and enjoyment, often, I value that companionship over everything else.

The whole point of dinner that evening wasn't so much of the food although it was perfect to get a huge chunk of protein by way of a large platter of sashimi, and a medium-sized beautifully steamed fish. It was mainly to see the girlfriend whom I've missed. She's been out of town for weeks, and it's always great to hear her voice and see her face IRL. Everyone eats different things and holds different preferences for food, with consideration for allergies. But yes, it's fantastic when the girlfriend loves fish too, and could also simply decimate the whole creature and call it a fulfiling meal.

There was sake drunk at dinner. But I really didn't mind one more beer before heading home. So we went off to Jibiru for a night cap- a cute half-pint of Hitachino Nest's 'White Ale' on tap, and more random fun conversation. When I got home, it was almost midnight! Wow. It's probably the latest I've stayed out for drinks for a loooong time on a week day. Hehehehe.


b.muse said...

Muacks!! xoxoxo Always love hanging out with you, fish or no fish, beer or no beer. :D

imp said...