Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kerala Flavors

Went out to Spice Junction for some Kerala spices. It's a great lunch venue. We rarely attempt Indian cuisine for dinner unless it's an easy vegetarian set or two pieces of prata-bawang with fish curry. With the sort of good food to be expected, it's best to have it at lunch so you have the rest of the day to digest it. :P

Since it was Onam, we've had loads of fantastic vegetarian foods (in addition to the usual choices). So we could afford a little meat this week. Everyone went for the curry fish sets. We came late this afternoon and the kitchen ran out of brown rice already; had to settle for steamed white rice. Pfffft. It was hilarious how everyone took the little bowl of payasam to place it aside so nobody would accidentally would take the sweet with the savory or pour the sweet over the rice. Since we had a nice party of five, we added on a fried mackerel with a local twist of chilli-sambal over it, chicken curry (the thicker version without coconut milk) and mutton Malabar.

I like the prawn biryani at Spice Junction. It uses small prawns, but at S$14, the rice is gorgeous and the gravy well-scented. That's the whole point of the dish for me. It's never about how big those prawns are. It's always about the flavors. While it's a struggle for me to finish the whole pot of carbs, I try very hard. Hahaha. That means not having anything in the morning and having a super light dinner.

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