Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I love congee and could eat it every day. To me, it’s definitely not ‘sick people’s food’. I can cook a pot of superbly flavored, thick and smooth congee, so I’m picky about it if I have to pay good money for the convenience of having someone else cook it. Unfortunately I’m not fond of the usual chicken or pork congee most Singapore restaurants serve. I quite like their fish congee, and a dunno-why-difficult-to-find version with minced beef.

This trip, I’m intentionally seeking out minced beef congee, simply because I don’t come across it often at home. No, not beef balls needed. Not into them, although those beef balls done the old way comes out interestingly half soft and half crunchy from the fried noodle bits. Minced beef works fine. I love the combination of century eggs and minced beef (皮蛋碎牛粥). Salted eggs optional. Hehehehe. Found many stalls offering really delicious minced beef congee everywhere.

On Cheung Chau island, there're many stalls in the 'town area' (fanning out the narrow strip between the pier and the beach), serving up congee and noodles. I like this one- 根記粥麵店. No English name, I suppose the transliteration is like... 'Gan Kee Congee and Noodles'. My century eggs and minced beef congee comes freshly cooked, and not at all salty. Didn't even need additional soy sauce. It only required a dash of pepper. Also, its friendly resident young cat always sidles up each time I sit down for a meal. Absolutely adorable. I like him!


D said...

i've never heard/tried minced beef congee. so it sounds a little weird to me, but being a congee lover, i'm keen to try it out when i'm in hk in a few months' time.

imp said...

they used to have it more on the menu when i was a child. but nowadays i don't see it often in downtown HK. i found them all in the suburbs and on the islands.