Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Over Drinks and Supper

How the years have flown and times have changed! We come to Hong Kong, but we don't bother heading out to chic and trendy watering holes anymore. Well, I'm not into cocktails or checking out the latest hip bars and partying that way. It has always been about the alcohol. I can't do 2am nights now, and I most certainly do not want to puke out single malts. Too bad I couldn't stay longer or fly in again for the Clockenflap weekend.

Stopped by a regular hotel bar for early drinks. The company more than made up for a boring bar. Hahaha. Well, it does offer a great view of the harbor and a decent range of drinks. When this group generally takes beer and wine or whisky, we don't need fancy cocktails. Picked out my beer for the night. Three bottles of Hong Kong's very own Dragon's Back. A pity the beer wasn't on tap. Still refreshing. Pale ale always works for me.

Wanted to have a late dinner at an old favorite- Mui Kee 妹記大排檔 on Kimberly Road (Tsim Sha Tsui), but it has moved. So we didn't bother since it's been growing till it's become a restaurant more than a da pai dong. So we drove out further to Sham Tsui Po's Keong Kee 強記大排檔 (the one that opens till past midnight) for a super satisfying meal. Not great, to be honest, but full of old-school vibes and street flavors. :P It was a good night catching up with the friends. 

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