Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Zi Char & Beer

Took our guests out to New Ubin Seafood for dinner, the one area they wouldn't have explored in their time in Singapore so far. The man and I were curious about it too since we hadn't eaten there since they moved to Hillview Avenue. It was still Thanksgiving week, and they were far from home, so we rustled up a mini Thanksgiving dinner Asian style.

They wanted to try oyster omelette and chilli crab, both of which the restaurant did well. The S$25 omelette used fresh oysters, so it was rather delicious. Ordered two crabs, which was more than sufficient- one braised with bee hoon and the other came in standard chilli gravy and fried mantou.

Food's still good, but next time, we'd skip those chunks of ribeye and beef (fat) fried rice. The meat was beautifully grilled medium-rare, and the rice was still as delicious. But we probably don't need the heart-stopping fats so often. No dessert. Saved our calories for beer at dessert. Clearly the bucket of Crossroads Lagers that went with the meal wasn't enough. Hahaha. The lager went well with the food, and came with a complimentary plate of deep-fried har cheong kai (prawn paste chicken).

Stopped for a nightcap at Mikkeller Bar. The friends had been going around the island to all the craft beer bars and sampling a truckload of good stuff. There were also the types they like- sours, pilsners and saisons and gose. Predictably, I opted for Amager Bryhaus's 'The Mortician' Imperial Stout. It was sooooo good.

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