Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Prawn Pasta With A Sunny-Side Up!

J grinned when she saw me. It was probably one of the rare times she saw me in non-sweat gear. Like I was in street clothes. Jeans. Heh. It was a day which I had allocated to fully churn out work, with just a long lunch break between meetings! Might as well utilize it to meet friends.

We hopped in to PUNCH for lunch, and very dependable coffee. We had to have one last PUNCH special of prawn and scallop pasta for the year. It came the way I've always liked it- extra spicy, little oil, and topped with a sunny-side-up. No, it doesn't usually come with an egg. It's just that I like eggs, and always request for the add-on; by now, the awesome staff know my preferences. On very hungry days, I ask for two eggs. 🍳 That day, the scallops came a little bigger than usual. The last time that happened, we asked why. This time, we assumed their regular supplier ran out of scallops again and they had to switch to another for the week.

We stayed a little longer to chat over dessert of uhhh a serving of avocado. Teehehehe. Neither of us are keen on sweets, so the creamy avocado worked great. 🥑 Had coffee too, of course. We were horrified when Vincent said "No more prawn pasta next year!" He must be joking. We'd riot! As much as we love their muesli, breads, generous servings of avocado and other items this year, the prawn and scallop pasta is our singular love. Savory carbs. Best!


jo said...

The star of the picture is the prawn pasta. HAHAHA.
To many more prawn pastas in 2018! (May it never be removed from the menu!)

imp said...

we were pleased as punch indeed. heh.