Saturday, January 27, 2018


I'm soooo charmed that some friends are still into doing snail mail for the festive season, and random occasions. When they go for loooong vacations, it's really cool how they take some time out to write postcards.

I write postcards too, but I like receiving them better. The friends have got beautiful handwriting. It's just that we rarely even write anything down anymore. Writing things get rusty, and I even spell them words wrong. Eeeps. There's always the worry that the post will fail us. It does. Occasionally. It also fails at the most inopportune timing. That's frustrating. It's never quite about the monetary value of the package. It's the sentimental value, and often, it's irreplaceable.

If writing's not your thing, then it's not your thing. But if it is, it's definitely appreciated in some quarters. Postcards and cards are never wasted. I keep some, and the rest are turned into bookmarks. I don't collect stamps. Never got into the habit. I kinda like seeing stamps and postmarks on the envelopes though. The envelopes are kept as well.

When this envelope from J in Tokyo arrived, it definitely put a smile on the face. Tokyo is her second home. Those postmarks are so nice lah. The maki sushi stamp is so cute, along with a seasonal hot chocolate or mocha with latte art of a snowman. A postcard sat within, of course. It also came along with two photos (taken on the trip) that meant something to J. No idea how she had the time to organize photos from her camera and her phone, and walk into the post office to brave lines. These items make such a delightful gift because of her words and thoughts.