Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dark Choc Espresso Nut Bars

When this year's schedules shifted, I can't quite catch V for lunch often. And she's moved away from the estate, so we're no longer neighbors! Can't just stroll down for a meal or coffee with her now. But we've managed impromptu random meets or just run errands together. Hurhurhur, or see each other at the gym or for a coffee somewhere, or both. Hehehe.

V got me these Carman's 'Dark Choc Espresso Nut Bars' from Melbourne. Yay! When friends know what presents to buy me, I totally benefit. Hahaha. I still owe V a Christmas present, and she says she has more presents for me stashed up in the boxes that require unpacking after her house renovations are done. Oh! Whuuut. This box of nut bars is already a most proper gift!

I can't find this flavor in Singapore, and I really don't mind some of the brand's flavors that aren't too heavy on sugar. They're great nibbles before or after a sweat session. These dark chocolate espresso nut bars are quite delicious. Took one out with me to the gym after a heavy morning when I wouldn't have time for a sit-down lunch before my next meeting. Loved the crunch and all. Quite a full meal.

I like nut bars when they're not ridiculously sweet. But I'll tolerate some sugar especially after a sweaty gym session. I'd rather eat something than drink powdered supplements and take the BCAA capsules. Nut bars are way nicer than bananas. I don't like bananas, but I'll eat them for the energy required since they're easy bites. I do love chocolate- the ones with cacao content at 80% and above.


b.muse said...

Yay to yummy bars and random dates! Muahaha you carted back an entire box of Kind bars for me last year too, babe. ;)

imp said...

Now they have Kind bars in SG! As though they suddenly realize that people like it. Heh.