Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Delivering Lunch Boxes

The man and I really like this style of Trinidad goat curry, and by now, we’ve more or less decided on the version we like to cook. Went out to Tekka Market to get some good cuts of goat meat and bones. Boiled up a pot of Caribbean style rice and peas (kidney beans) to go along with it. We seem to be boiling up rice in a pot of late rather than using the electric rice cooker. Hahahha.

Goat meat is a healthier option (in the same serving size) compared to chicken, beef and pork. It's got lower calories and with its low fat content, it's so lean. It's also milder in flavor compared to lamb. Dunno why it doesn't seem to be popular. I really don't mind it. I always prefer to use goat in curry. It's a way more interesting meat than beef or lamb. But not in stews. I'm not big on stews.

Please do your own checks, but this one is from LIVESTRONG.com.

There’s a big green chilli I like to use in this dish that is hotter than chilli padi. The heat is similar to a pepper’s. I’ve got no idea what chilli it is. It’s thin-skinned and seems like a hybrid between a chilli padi and anaheim pepper. It lends depth to the goat curry. It’s also a wonderful excuse to use Scotch bonnet peppers. Just two peppers will do. One for the curry and one for the rice. We removed the seeds, but feel free to chew them at your own risk. Hurhurhur.

What’s the fun if it’s just cooking for ourselves? 1.2 kg of meat and 2.5 cups of rice translated into seven decent portions, which is sufficient for six to seven persons. We filled our tummies and let the rest cool in the pot. Knowing that curry is best when taken the next day, we texted the friends to see if they'd be home and would like to have some curry too. To our delight, they said yes!

Packed four portions and delivered it to the friends. Each portion even included a salad to balance out the nutritional demands of a meal- the easy combination of roasted cauliflower and pumpkin. Oof. I made the salad because while I liked the curry, I couldn't take that much meat. Needed vegetables. The greens would balance out the spices. The salad would keep okay for a day in the friends' fridges too. This late at night, the roads were empty and it was a relaxing drive over to their homes. What fun!

Cooled, packed and ready to go.

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