Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pretty White Slices of Fish

The dinner menu was to be sliced fish bee hoon soup for dinner. It was that kind of night. The recent wonderfully cool weather calls for lots of soup, and we'd do well to appreciate 22°C nights in Singapore. What a welcome change from the usual 33°C all year round. V came over for dinner, so I thought I should add another dish for some texture and a salt hit. She's perfectly fine with a one-dish meal, but surely the table would look nice with another dish. Heh.

Something meat and fun should do it for the extra dish. Decided to stuff bell peppers with minced chicken and beef, and bake them in the oven. Bell peppers are such versatile vegetables. I use them loads, so the fridge always has stock. Didn't think we could eat that many anyway. Cut up two to make eight cute pieces. Marinated the minced meat and scooped them onto the sliced peppers. It only took 20 minutes or so to crisp the tops and leave the contents soft. It shouldn't be too dry since the bell peppers hold enough moisture, along with the olive oil drizzled over before and after. #ImpieCooks2018

That sliced fish soup with bee hoon. Ah yes, this time I refused to marinate the ikan haruan with soy sauce. The fish slices remained pretty and turned out fine tonight. The last time I cooked this, my nice slices of fish became an ugly brown because the man insisted on adding soy sauce. This round, I threw in yellow onions instead. Herbs too. Well, you could marinate it any way you want. Just follow your tastebuds.

V and the man love greens. So I topped the bowls with a combination of baby cabbage (娃娃菜) and tiny stalks of bok choi. Added shiitake mushrooms. They didn't need to add additional salt or pepper. Ermmm....okaaay. You guys can really eat bland food. Hahahaha. Well, while cooking I did add in salt and pepper, but in case people prefer a heavier hit... Anyway I had fried up lots of bawang. There's chilli padi soaked in soy sauce too. Those should give an extra layer of flavor to the soup.

Ran out of light beer in the fridge and was too lazy to top it up. Broke out the light Suntory Reserve limited edition (because of the bear-shaped bottle) to make highballs! There we go, an edible, and uhhh hopefully decent enough homecooked meal that hit all required nutritional value for the day.

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