Sunday, February 04, 2018

Dim Sum & Steamboat

The man and I generally don't bother taking dim sum and steamboat/hotpot, so that it's quite nice to have these meals when we can make a full table. When the dear friends fly into town and request for dim sum and steamboat, they get them.

Dim sum at the old school and dependable Asia Grand Restaurant at Odeon Towers was perfect. Happy that we made it over the weekend when the restaurant offers more food and the dim sum trolley. They ordered the usual stuff of baked char siew buns, siew mai and such. Many pork items. Hahaha. Dim sum is like that I suppose. I'm happy with the beautiful cheong fun here, and that peppery savory pig stomach soup!! Mmmm. There was also lobster pan-fried with garlic and spring onions.

Before they flew out, there was time for a looong steamboat dinner at Imperial Treasure Steamboat at Great World City. Made reservations for an early dinner at 6pm, and they gave us booth seats that were sufficiently private. Totally didn't feel guilty for talking so much. Haha.

There were so many condiments for us to mix our own dipping sauces. The restaurant has a signature 'Imperial Treasure Chicken Soup'. We kinda regretted ordering that because it had ginseng in it. None of us liked that taste. The other side of the soup fared better because it was pork bone broth. Totally tickled that the soup actually held a giant pork leg bone. Service was excellent and they came around to help us to refill soup and clear out the coagulated fats and scum.

There was peppery pig stomach soup on the menu too. We all love soup, but ordering that would be too much of a good thing Hahaha. Skipped it. Next time. Ordered loads of vegetables. All the beef was wagyu. Eiooow. None of us are interested in wagyu, so we skipped that and took loads of vegetables, mushrooms and seafood. Light carbs came in the form of egg noodles. What delicious dinner. We stayed till almost 10pm! Loads to talk about and it was so good to see the friends again. It was a night of no alcohol since we had early starts the next day. :P

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