Tuesday, February 27, 2018

That Beautiful Pomfret!

Went to the airport to pick up the dear friends when they swung in for the weekend. Their flight landed on time, and cleared immigrations in record time and collected their luggage smoothly, all before noon. So we easily made it to a 1pm lunch at Gd O'Times at Changi Village.

This is a restaurant the friends liked but never visited after that first time years ago because it was just too far out. Today's timing was perfect. They could judge for themselves how the kitchen and food now fare. We like this restaurant for its casual vibes. It gets a little...sanitary to be hanging out at hotels and malls all the time; occasionally we prefer casual makan spots with a little bit more greenery.

This was also the first time the man and I had lunch at Gd O'Times. Hahahaha. We've always come in the night for dinner. Parking is way easier at lunch time. The area isn't that crowded in the day. Almost missed the restaurant since we somehow didn't see the rather big signboard. We were confused by the brightness of the area in sunlight. The hungry tourists spotted it, and led us there. 😂

Said beautiful pomfret.

The restaurant offers the same menu at lunch, except some of the soups might not be available, depending on what the kitchen has on boil for the day. We had two kinds of soups- the tangy buah paya masak titek, and the more regular but delicious cabbagehee peow and meatballs. The ayam buah keluak was a must, of course. We loved it. Ordered additional nuts and made sure the friends ate a few more nuts since they couldn't get it easily back home. However, the star today was that insanely fresh pomfret. Slathered with sambal belachan (that was more expectedly flavorful than spicy), it was fried and immediately brought out to us. The white meat was tender and firm.

Of course we made it to dessert. There were three dessert fiends at the table. Gd O'Times only served three choices of desserts that day, and only in the hot version and not cold bowls- pulot hitam, bubur terigu, bubur cha cha. They ordered all three to share, and ate them all. We rolled out of the door and down the road for some much needed caffeine to ward off the food coma.

Gd O'Times
5 Changi Village Road Singapore 500005
T: +65 6542 2382 (Closed on Wednesdays)
(Please call to reserve if you want a table indoors, and if you're specially going all the way there.)

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