Thursday, March 08, 2018

Apple Music and Bluetooth Earbuds

My phone used to hold no music at all. I kept the music separate in an iPod. But I’ve finally conceded defeat, and merged the songs and the entire iPod library into iCloud and iMusic. It’s impossible to ignore the possible production halt of new iPods, the rumored impending demise of iTunes for music, and the convenience of the cloud.

Also succumbed to an Apple Music subscription. Doing this changes the way I consume and listen to music. The iPod Touch (5th Gen 2012) is considered ancient, but I’m not retiring it yet. All sync-ed to the cloud, it still has its purposes. I don’t need a paid Spotify account at the moment. While those Spotify playlists are great, it’s not a must-have. Apple Music suits my needs for now. I want to continue buying music from Bandcamp too.

I’ve also held out really long against bluetooth earbuds simply because I haven’t found one with the coherence and quality I like. I definitely do not want those Gen 1 AirPods. The Bose SoundSport Free provide great quality and stay on through burpees, but they’re just too bulky. The man’s choice is the Jaybird Run because he literally drips sweat all over them at the gym. I’m less keen on them since I don’t work out on the floor on my own to music. At home, there’re plenty of speakers to choose from if I want music to accompany a stretch.

Now, I’ve found a decent pair in B & O’s Beoplay E8. They sit well in the ears and seal fine. Good! These earbuds are purely to pair with the phone that has no headphone jack. 🤨 However, it doesn’t mean that the trusty Final Heaven earphones will be thrown out. Bluetooth earbuds are convenient, but they can’t beat the fidelity of wired earphones. Sometimes, I just want to hear all the different layers in a song. My wired earphones do that super well. I want to hear all the magic of recording and mastering those songs. The music that old-school bands make. 

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