Saturday, March 31, 2018

FiSK Seafood Bar & Market

There was an impromptu birthday lunch for the man at FiSK Seafood Bar & Market with a few friends. I assume you need to like seafood before going to the restaurant. There aren't any chicken or beef or other meats on the menu aside from fish and shellfish. The restaurant is opened by the people behind Snorre Food, so the supply lines to frozen Scandinavian seafood are well linked.

Too bad the uni ice-cream was only available at dinner, along with halibut and turbot, and a pasta of sorts. Halibut's the fish in season right now. We should pop by again in the evening soon. The sashimi platter was limited, but decent. Those tiny Greenland prawns came with roe! The table loved it. There was a small volume of alcohol. Sake. HAHAHA. Everyone else was hungover from last night. LOL. The man and I hit the gym and went completely alcohol-free for the day!

The main courses were really coherently priced at about S$19.50++. But whether you like the fairly innovative menu, it's entirely your tastebuds' call. While the seabass with curry served with potatoes, eggplant and okra, and steamed rice (curry fish of the day) was decent, it was a wee bit sweet. The Norwegian char siew salmon came with a gorgeous egg and baby kailan. However it was marinated in char siew sauce, effectively curing it, resulting in a texture I don't quite fancy, and sauce was way too sweet. Next time, I'll just get my fish simply seared, or pick the baccalao.

The pickled herring in three kinds of sauces were quite a surprise star of the meal. It came with sour cream, egg and greens. The sauces were mustard, dill brine and sherry. I love the pickled herring in dill brine most. It was really quite delicious. The adjacent little market currently sells these exact pickled herring from Denmark in large glass jars for S$3.35/100grams. I need to buy them home. I could probably eat this as a main, with an additional side of potatoes.

The pickled herring in three kinds of sauces.

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