Tuesday, March 06, 2018

For Siew Yoke and Gelato

J and I opted for a light dinner at Canton Paradise. The steamed tofu with minced pork and black bean gravy was done wonderfully, along with its pork soups of the day- with lotus root, and with poached pear and fig. Since I had an early next day at the gym, I took a bowl of steamed white rice too. That rice went great with the steamed tofu's black bean gravy.

Somehow, siew yoke was on the top of J's mind, so we got her a plate of that. It was a lot of pork! Hahahah. I don't mind minced pork, and I never bother eating much of the contents of soup. The siew yoke was all J's. Oof.  This is not the best siew yoke the east can offer. But in view of location and convenience to Birds of Paradise, it would do. J had never stopped by the gelato store, so we had to rectify that.

Our timing was perfect- the boutique was empty when we went in. She could take all the photos she wanted. Hurhurhur. Then she ordered two scoops of gelato. A white chrysanthemum in the famous thyme cone, and another pineapple sorbet in a cup. I couldn't convince her to take a third scoop. Hahahah. Yeah, I ate a cone too- a raspberry lychee concoction that was pretty good.


Liverella said...

Yum! I love their gelato and their super fragrant cone... need to have it when I finally can take cheat day from keto (Husband when will you lose substantial enough weight 😅)

imp said...

Have the cheat day soon!

jo said...

The girl with 4 stomachs finally checked this off her must-try list :PPP

imp said...

jo: riiiight. now to find decent siew yoke.