Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lobster Noodles

Popped into Pince & Pints for a late dinner before the girlfriend flew out on a trip. We hang out at the gym, grab coffee whenever possible, but I also welcome time with her at a looong dinner. I love seeing this girlfriend regularly, and it'll feel kinda strange if I don't see her for weeks on end.

Since she was the one flying out, she would make the decision on what her stomach wanted. She alerted me to the lobster noodles that seemed like a ‘new-ish’ introduction to its line-up. I haven’t paid the restaurant any attention recently, and didn’t know they have that now. Yay! Noodles and lobsters are quite a winning combination.

Not quite bothered with the menu’s chilli lobster. Not till the kitchen tweaks the recipe to make that chilli gravy more spicy than sweet. Same reason why I don’t take chilli crab. The gravy invariably turns out too sweet. We both ordered the lobster noodles. Quite decent! Well, the kitchen always does lobsters well; the noodles weren’t the best, but it’s springy enough. They could have been more generous with the stalks of spring onions though. I love spring onions.

Some food blogs have commented about the ‘saltiness of the noodles and gravy’. LOL. The gravy is quite nicely done with the base and texture and all. It isn't all corn starch, and it doesn’t come with the accompanying MSG that most eateries are too liberal with. I can deal with the level of salt and quality of noodles in my dinner tonight. It was rather satisfying. This dish is definitely way better than any zi char eatery's. Of course the noodles and gravy aren’t as fine as a good restaurant’s. But at those restaurants, you pay >$100 for the dish, because lobsters. Pince & Pints are holding theirs at S$58++ for now.

The savory went perfectly paired with a sparkling white. It was an easy bottling and the bubbles took away all heaviness of the meal. Lingered over the bottle of prosecco. We were the last diners for the night, but the staff didn’t chase us out. Hahhahaha. They were really nice- topped up our water and wine, then left us to our conversation till it was time for the girlfriend to head to the airport.


b.muse said...

Heee, yes indeed, anytime spent with gal friends do wonders for the soul and happy meter. :D xx

imp said...

TOTALLY!!!!!! *squeals [Hahahaha]