Friday, March 23, 2018

S's 40th Birthday Luncheon!

Went to Blu Kouzina for S's 40th birthday luncheon. We were in the mood for sparkling wine, and ordered a bottle of easy. Didn't over-order, wheewwwww. Portions and number of items were just right. When L does the ordering, she keeps it exactly to our stomach capacity. Hurhurhur. We couldn't fit in the grilled octopus. Gotta go back for that. Food was really good, along with prompt and warm service that day even though the restaurant was packed out.

Such separate lives we lead, but we keep to regular dates because we enjoy one another's friendship, and I value their counsel and opinions. It was extra wonderful when we all made time to have a loooong lunch so that we could fit in more conversation. Dates with the girlfriends are always such a balm to the soul; lovely to catch up on all the offline nuggets happening in their lives.

The busy birthday girl is in the middle of speaking and facilitating at major back-to-back conferences, as well as gathering her research to fulfil her thesis. On top of managing her kids' schedules. Her partner does a wonderful job of sharing the crunch of family schedules and all, but I still have no idea how she juggles so many hats at the same time. It's been a crazy year and she made it through swimmingly.

Happy Birthday, dearest S. You have such incredible strength and kindness. May you bask in the love of God, family and friends always.

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