Saturday, March 03, 2018

These Little Cute Plates

Had no intention of buying anything when I walked into Cat Socrates. Hadn't seen anything online and clearly wouldn't know what they had. Was completely taken by these plates. Aerial silks, a tightrope and the trapeze. The women are in a rather old-school leotards and hair-do. How whimsical! Couldn't resist them at all.

Designed by Anngee Neo, they come in a set of three for S$18. These little six-inch plates would be perfect for my random use. Hurhurhur. They're ceramic, but I doubt they could go into the microwave. I could just them for...plating things and as serve-ware. (Note to self: gotta remember to stock up on sufficient cheap microwave friendly crockery too.)

I like Anngee Neo's illustrations, but never bought anything she drew, not even a story book. So these plates are quite perfect. I actually wanted to buy only one—my favorite—the woman on aerial silks. But that one on the trapeze is so fun. I missed the display that held the set of three plates. When shown to that shelf, I was like, woah. Okay, I'll take the whole set. No prizes for guessing why I fell in love with these illustrations at first sight. Even cuter on these plates. Heh.

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