Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Bit of Quiet Time

Stepped into St. Ignatius Church for a peek, and sat down for a little quietude. There were only three people in the pews. Thank goodness I was in Doc Marts and those boots were silent. I could take a couple of photos and walk around without making much noise. I wouldn't be able to do this before a scheduled mass with full attendance.

The church shares premises with Sophia University, which is a short walk away from Yotsuya station. It's spring and its gardens are lovely to walk through and it's cool enough to linger. I don't care for flowers, but I love the trees. It's almost as though flowers babble and don't make much sense. But trees are wiser, and whisper secrets of life, except humans will never understand them.

Of course I missed Sunday mass, but I managed to make it to the week day mass. It's literally a stone's throw away from the hotel. I couldn't ignore it. It's like......a sign. Time for prayers and reflection is always time well spent. (Following the practice of Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.) The only problem- mass at this hour was conducted in Japanese and I obviously wouldn't understand all of it. Oh never mind. There're English copies handed out, and I have the Bible on the phone. Very glad I made time for this sojourn.

The main hall.

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