Thursday, April 12, 2018


Once in a while, I don't mind yakitori (焼き鳥), and by that, I mean to have it in its intended meaning- grilled chicken. Shirokane Tori-Tama (白金酉玉) has always been my choice. I don't think it's got the best service or whatever, but I've never had issues at the restaurant. They've consistently churned out fairly delicious chicken and all its innards, even for someone who doesn't quite fancy the meat. It isn’t just the binchotan used or the marinade. It’s the chicken itself. No idea where they got their supplies of meat from, but it distinctly tastes different from how the other restaurants do it.

J takes no innards. Whhhuuuut. But she enjoys chicken, so she found what she wanted. Thighs, wings, and a pork-part-something. Hahaha. I didn't have to eat that much chicken. I probably ate fewer than five pieces. There were plenty of other items on the menu for me. Peppers, mushrooms and other vegetables were available. We even had an excellent sweet potato mash with loads of crunchy greens. What I do like, is chicken hearts! Hahahaha. Had two skewers. :P

A pity the weather is simply too unkind for yakitori here. That evening, we dressed light and didn’t mind smelling like grilled meat. Perhaps it was our imagination, but through the years, somehow the ventilation system improved, and it didn’t feel too hot sitting in front of the grill. We smelt fine after too. The yuzu-umeshu with soda went down easy and didn't make us feel too much like alcoholics at all! Woohooo. The sparkling drinks were perfect for the hot hot day.

Shirokane Tori-Tama (白金酉玉)
11 Unity Street #01-02 Singapore 237995
T: +65 6836 5680 (reservations necessary)
Hours: Dinner from 6 to 11pm; closed on Sundays


Liverella said...

Awesome! Was wondering where else can we eat dependable yakitori other that Kazu (which I don’t fancy much)
PS: Innards are yummy!

imp said...

Liv: Just round the corner, there's Shunjuu Izakaya for a quick fix, but it's just that little bit better than Kazu. Skip it. :P

- I'm undecided about Jinzakaya (by Les Amis)

- Sumire Yakitori House at Bugis Junction is good too.

jo said...

YUM :9 Thinking of yuzu-umeshu with soda on this balmy night.

imp said...

jo: OOF. *gluuuup gluuuup