Tuesday, April 03, 2018

One Round at Salted & Hung

I need to be in the right sort of mood to eat at Salted & Hung. Because meats, and its rich accompanying cured and grill treatment. The vegetables ain’t refreshing and tend to lean towards the salty and oily side. I tend to get an upset stomach from such rich food, so I avoid these meals whenever possible. Which is why I haven’t stepped in for its weekend brunches, which the friends touted as ‘wonderful’.

I haven’t been to Salted & Hung for months, and finally went there as an extended birthday makan thing for the man since he really enjoys the food. Just be warned that it can get noisy and a little warm in there. The restaurant’s current tie-up with Amex Love Dining is quite amazing since it literally takes 50% off the total bill for two diners when two mains are ordered.

I’m less enamored with the vegetables and seafood here. I generally don't like my vegetables the least bit charred or 'crisp burnt'. The kitchen or perhaps its way of grilling doesn’t quite bring out the sweetness in prawns and fish. It always tasted just that tad over-cooked, and sit in too much oil and jus. As much as I like fish, I tend to skip that here. The squid might be the lightest item on the menu, and could easily withstand the grill. Served with its ink, yuzu and wakame, it was delicious.

Peanut butter Tim Tams!
Chef Drew Nocente has his signature style, and is still hard at work in the kitchen. That Aussie style of barbecue comes through strongly in the menu. The board offered a Blackmore wagyu skirt. I wasn't that keen, but the man was super interested in it. Ordered it especially it wouldn't be a big portion. The only cut of wagyu I’ll take is probably skirt or rump. It came thickly sliced, and was delicious.

We had to order a whole roasted chicken instead of half, because of the requirements of utilizing the Amex discounts, and the man really like chicken and couldn’t pass up a good one here. The chicken that arrived wasn’t what one would term 'small', but it looked manageable, I didn’t mind a bite or two, but it’s chicken, so no matter how good, I will never take more than a few bites. I took one wing. The man loved it; he cleaned out the bones. Hahahaha.

Made it to dessert. I rather enjoy the menu's selections. Yes, me who usually avoids desserts, loves these at Salted & Hung. I'm especially fond of the restaurant’s take on peanut butter Tim Tams! Low on the sugar, high on the quotient of dark chocolate, including the  ice-cream. Wonderful! At the end of the meal, they still gave those complimentary Anzac cookies with salted caramel and bacon.  Served warm, these cookies could be my whole meal, with a glass of cold milk!!! I love beautifully savory cookies. Mmmmm.

Anzac cookies with bacon and salted caramel, served warm.

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