Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Toranomon Koffee at Toranomon Hills.

There're plenty of good coffeeshops in Japan. And I will make my way to find a good cup of caffeine. Otherwise, I'd rather not drink anything. Obviously I haven't stepped into any Beck's Coffee, Doutor or Starbucks. I have stopped by local coffeeshops offering their iteration of the brew. At these shops, I generally order a black coffee. It's fairly thick and satisfying.

For many reasons, Toranomon Koffee at Toranomon Hills is my super convenient option, especially in the mornings. It's located in a swanky office lobby and close enough to the train station. In spite of the office crowd going in and out, it's not difficult to get a seat, and is still comfortable enough to sit down with my MacBook to clear work for an hour or so.

At the hipster coffeeshops, I'll take caffe latte. I love it that these coffeeshops are just focused on coffee. There's no food offered unless one considers pound cakes and cookies as 'food'. Somehow, I need two shots of caffeine in a cup of caffe latte. I dunno why. Maybe caffeine intake was necessary to enable brain cells to work overtime, or perhaps it's to cover the too-creamy and too-milky taste of uhhh milk that I don't fancy.

About Life Coffee in Shibuya.

I'm glad to have checked out About Life Coffee in Shibuya. It's a little offshoot of Onibus Coffee. This is located slightly away from the madness of the Shibuya downtown shopping core. So it's definitely a welcome stop since I avoid the crazy center and move away further if I'm in the area. It's a little coffee stand to grab a cup and go. Perfect.

This trip, I'm giving my vote to Onibus Coffee at Nakameguro. It's where I've returned again and again. I love the locale. It's quiet, filled with good food, and away from the maddening crowds. It's located right next to the train station in the middle of residential estates, at the end of a cul-de-sac. How lovely. I've made many trips here just for coffee. I don't bother working out of here though. I come sit or stand around for a coffee and head off. Many train lines feed Nakameguro station (中目黒駅); it's an exceptionally quick two-minute walk from the train station, and it's near enough for me to make a detour from anywhere. Totally worth it to savor a cup of beautiful brew.

Onibus Coffee at Nakameguro.

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