Saturday, May 19, 2018

Daisy's Dream Kitchen at Temasek Club

After the big move to Singapore from London, D and J were ready to experiment with the cookbook on Peranakan food, but didn’t quite know where to start. So we took them to a Peranakan restaurant to check it out. I wasn’t about to cook for them since I haven’t gotten the technique of getting the astringent buah keluak paste right or mastered the full flavors of an ayam buah keluak.

We went to the new home of Daisy's Dream Kitchen at Temasek Club. It's open to the public. Rifle Range Road is more convenient for us to get to now than its old home at West Coast Road. The restaurant is located right next to the swimming pool (park at Zone D downstairs).

I’m a little puzzled by their dinner timings though. Last order is at 8.15pm and the restaurant closes an hour later. That’s really early. It works when we do a 7pm, I suppose. Or a no-frills casual 8pm. Luckily we could meet early that evening, and after two beers, we were all ready for dinner at 7.30pm. Heh. So we could take our time with food and left by 9.15pm without rushing through the food.

The kitchen said they were still settling in as we visited within the week of their re-opening. But the flavors tasted fine to me. Ordered the usual stuff for our guests. It's pretty much comfort food, in tasting portions. The sambal belachan was just as spicy-piquant. It would be the first time that the friends ate the ‘smelly beans’. Hahaha. Sambal petai with ikan bilis. They loved it! Now they’re going to replicate it as tapas. Oof. It would go great with alcohol! Obviously I'm going to show up at their door step very soon. Heh.


coboypb said...

The spread sounds delicious. I tried petai recently and it wasn't as stinky as what I have been told. It's quite yummy. I love squid in black ink.

imp said...

Hop into Daisy’s then if you’re in the area. You’ll like the food!